Boston Business Owners: Learning from the Top SEO Mistakes

Learning from the Top SEO Mistakes

Sometimes the best way to learn what to do is to pay attention to the mistakes of others and learn what NOT to do. This is definitely the case with SEO or search engine optimization, which is one of those areas of web development that really needs to be done by the book or your site will suffer the consequences. SEO mistakes won’t just set your website back and cause you to have to fix the things you did wrong. Mistakes made in search engine optimization can sometimes cause your website to get blacklisted by the major search engines, particularly if you try to cheat or use otherwise less-than-honest measures to get a front page listing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing with search engine optimization, it’s best left to the professionals. When you hire a company like Boston Website Design you can have confidence that your site will be developed with the search engines in mind. Carefully crafting a website to ensure that it will be well received by the search engines is a big part of website design and development today.

Forgetting Meta Tags
Some people are in such a hurry to get their new website up-and-running that they overlook one of the most important elements in web development. Meta tags cover a wide range of keyword-rich opportunity to help boost your site’s search engine optimization in a truly positive way. Make sure you speak with your developer about fine-tuning your meta tags to ensure that they properly represent your business.

The most important meta tags include:

  • Keyword Tag – Work closely with Boston Website Designer to create a strong list of relevant keywords that will help customers find your website. Forget about tricks like repeated keywords, misspelled words and high-ranking, but irrelevant keywords to avoid getting on the bad side of the search engines.
  • Description Tag – Your consultant will help you to create a short description of your web page to use in this tag. Your description will be used by the search engines to describe your pages on the search results pages.
  • Title Tag – One of the biggest mistakes seen with the title tag is to just repeat the name of the business or website address on each and every page. Your title tag should immediately tell visitors what page they are on and what they will find there.

Not Doing Any Research
Research is an extremely important part of good SEO. Be sure to work with your developer to learn what keywords and phrases, relevant links, types of content, layout and tools will best benefit your site’s usability and optimization for the search engines. Know your audience – learn all you can about your target demographic. Find out what your customers want, need and appreciate in a website and then deliver it to them.

If you are marketing to local customers in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, you want to be sure to include relevant keywords and information in your website that will attract them to your pages. Once again, consulting with a professional service, such as Boston Website Design, will help you reach your primary customer base effectively and efficiently.

Not Building Link Exchanges
One of the most important elements to building up a solid page rank and reputation is exchanging links with relevant websites. The higher the page rank of the website in question, the better, but relevance is key. The major search engines will judge your site’s popularity, but you also get points for offering useful, relevant links to other websites. Link exchanges, when done effectively, are a win/win situation for both parties involved and can help to boost both sites as a result.

Disregarding the Value of Quality Content
Quality content is one of the most essential aspects of any website. Content is what brings visitors to your website, but it is also what keeps them there and coming back again in the future for more. Choosing quality content is just as important as selecting relevant keywords. Consider hiring a professional content writer to ensure that your content is up to par and stays fresh and regularly updated.

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