Internet Marketing for Boston Businesses: The Basics

Internet Marketing: The Basics

The main objective of Internet marketing is traffic. While sales are an essential part of running an online business, the traffic that your website receives reveals a lot about the success of your marketing campaign. The amount and type of traffic your website is attracting is an indication of your website’s page rank, relevance and reputation within the search engines.

It is important to note that not all traffic is created equal. The idea of quality over quantity can really be applied in this case, as millions of hits won’t necessarily translate into millions, thousands or even hundreds of conversions if the traffic isn’t properly targeted. Higher quality traffic means more conversions, so just flooding your site with random, irrelevant hits will do nothing but frustrate your visitors, lower your conversion ratio and cost you bandwidth.

Creating a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign
The key to productive online marketing is knowledge of the market and focus on the job at hand. The best place to start is with your website, which is your first and best tool to use to attract and convert traffic. When you start out with a solid, useful and appealing website to represent your business, every other step will be that much easier.

Hiring a professional web design company, such as Boston Website Designer, will go a long way toward helping you to create a strong, appealing website. With experience in web design, search engine optimization, e-commerce development and Internet marketing in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, Boston Website Designer will help you build the best-possible online representative of your business.

Here are some tips that will help you understand what elements are required to build a successful website:

  • Website Design – Your website should be a direct reflection of your business and what it is that you are selling. Your site should be user-friendly and the language should be to the point. You don’t want visitors to be confused about what you have to offer.
  • Site Map – One of the best ways to help visitors and search engine bots navigate your website is to offer a site map. Talk with your consultant about adding one to your website.
  • Content – It has been said that content is king. The content on your website, which includes not only the text and information about your company, but also product listings, FAQ, customer service contacts, articles, blogs and more, is perhaps the most important element of your website. Your content should always be relevant to what you are selling or promoting, and it should be updated on a regular basis to keep your site fresh.
  • Keywords – Search engines rank websites based upon the keywords and phrases they have within their site content and hidden meta tags, as well as the relevance of those keywords to the actual website and products or services offered.

Optimizing Your Site for the Search Engines
We’ve talked a little bit about the search engines and how keywords and relevance are key. However, there are a lot of different elements that all work together to boost your website’s overall search engine optimization. Remember, the better rank your pages receive in the search engines, the more quality traffic you’ll receive.

Every Internet marketing campaign should include a heavy focus on developing a solid search engine strategy. Boston Website Designer has years of experience working with search engine optimization and can implement these strategies as well as advanced techniques into the design of your business website.

Here is a basic overview of some of the things that can be done to optimize your website for the search engines:

  • Page Layout – Believe it or not, the layout and format of your web pages have a direct impact on your site’s SEO. Each page should contain all of the important information and links necessary to help users effectively navigate and understand your website.
  • Link Development – Exchanging links with relevant websites is important, but you should strive to connect with other websites that have high page rankings in the search engines.
  • Quality Content – The content you use on your website should be relevant and keyword-rich. Articles, tips and other text-based content should be brief and to the point, but should contain enough information to be valuable. Remember to use your content to attract visitors to your website.

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