Organize Your Boston Business Website with a Content Management System

Organize Your Website with a Content Management System

Most people start out with a small and simple website. A home page, a contact page, maybe some product pages and a couple of recommendations or reviews from customers and clients. Next thing you know, you’re adding more and more content, and pretty soon, your simple website is out of control and unmanageable. What you need is a Content Management System, otherwise known as CMS.

What Is CMS?
A Content Management System is a web-based administrative program that allows website owners to easily add new pages of content, news, links or other information into a structured, categorized system. Visual content, such as photos, galleries, videos and other images, can also be organized and used within a CMS. Once added to the system, all content can be easily edited, modified or even deleted from the website.

Some of the more popular features associated with using a CMS include:

  • Reduction of duplicate data inputs
  • Multiple types of data including: video, text, photos, articles, documents, etc.
  • Ability to control the validity and compliance of data
  • Structured storage and easy retrieval of data
  • Ability to control data by user groups for viewing, publishing and editing access
  • Data can be contributed and shared by many different people or limited to singular control
  • Simplifies report writing and sharing
  • Improves communication within the company between employees and/or clients

The Development of CMS
Not too many years ago, the only way to get a system to manage your content would be to hire a staff of programmers and developers to create a custom program to control everything in a complex database structure. Website owners invested thousands of dollars just for the sake of a little organization.

It is much easier – and more affordable – to get control over your data today. Content Management Systems are now widely used across many different platforms and on many different types of websites. Boston Website Design companies now have access to CMS programs that can be easily customized to suit the needs and budget of each client.

Learning CMS
Most CMS programs are very easy to use and allow businesses to keep their websites fresh and regularly updated without having to pay someone else to do it. If you can fill out an online form or send an email, chances are you’ll have no problem using CMS.

When you hire a professional company, such as Boston Website Designer, to build and develop your website, you will also receive one-on-one training with our staff to help you become more comfortable with your new Content Management System. Our experienced staff will go over everything, from the basic information required to add text pages to your website, to instructions on how to add photo galleries, video, documents and much more.

If you want to know how a customized content management system can make editing your website fast and simple, just call Boston Website Designer at (508) 415-8648 for a free consultation. Boston Website Designer has been working with clients in and around the greater Boston, Massachusetts area since 1999.