Using the Internet to Promote your Local Boston Business

Using the Internet to Promote Your Local Business

A lot of business owners turn to the Internet as a way of expanding their customer base to people outside their immediate area. While this has definitely been a successful approach for many, it is not the only benefit to marketing a business online. Business owners are discovering that there are a lot of ways to use today’s web-based marketing tools to get more customers in the front door.

If your business is located in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area and you want to focus on bringing local traffic into your store, you should definitely hire a Boston Website Designer. A professional design company that has experience working with mobile marketing, social media and optimizing your web properties for local search engine traffic that works and lives in your area is worth its weight in gold. Hiring a reputable company that can give you the inside track on developing the best Boston Website Design that is geared toward the wants and needs of the people within this region is your key to success.

Mobile E-commerce
It may seem as if building a strong mobile presence would be the last thing to attract new customers to your storefront, but studies have shown that mobile users are using their mobile devices to research prices, reviews and availability of products before shopping for them locally. This trend of pre-shopping via smartphones was particularly evident during the most recent holiday shopping season, when store owners found more customers coming in for sales that were advertised via their mobile sites. Shoppers looking for specific or hard-to-find items also were using their mobile devices to track down products and purchased them in-store.

Just think about all the ways that an experienced developer could use the growing popularity of the mobile Internet to bring customers from the Boston, Massachusetts area into your store. Getting your business out there, literally in the hands of your local customers, has the potentially to really boost your sales opportunity.

Social Media
One of the best methods of free advertisement is the word of mouth. Sell a good product or offer a reputable service and customers can’t wait to tell their friends about the great deal that they got. Social media helps to move these personal recommendations along, particularly with new abilities to “like”, “pin” and “share” links to items, pages and websites with friends.

Specials, sales, discount coupons and other freebies are a great way to get your social media fans and followers into your store. Social networks give you the ability to reach these consumers 24/7 and at a moment’s notice. Holiday marketers used these tools to combine social media and mobile marketing during the 2011 shopping season, particularly on Black Friday, to get shoppers into their stores quickly to take advantage of limited time offers, specials and popular stock.

Develop a strong social media presence for your business, using popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as other sharing apps and tools. It is important to take advantage of as many of these free social tools as possible to ensure that you are effectively interacting with your customers. While you want to be available to use these tools, it is also important to schedule your time so you don’t spend too many hours monitoring them.

Geo-Targeted Search Engine Traffic
Google and Yahoo both have strong local search programs available for SEO experts to take advantage of as a means of promoting your local business to customers in your area. Both websites allow users to set up their own accounts, claim their listings and use all the features of the listings to promote their businesses – for free.

Once you are confirmed as the owner – there is a procedure to verify this – you can begin filling out information about your location, your store and what you sell or offer to customers. A map and directions is provided to your page visitors, as is the opportunity to look at media that you have uploaded, including photos and video. The more you add to enhance and “complete” your page, the better. Users find your listing based upon a combination of keyword and location search information.

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