Custom Twitter Account

Another social media network that you should be using in your attempt to reach and interact with customers is Twitter. Boston Website Design can get you started by setting up an optimized Twitter account for your business that you can use to communicate with your target audience. Consumers can “follow” your posts on Twitter, which are called “tweets”, which will give them updates about events, sales, specials, new products and limited-time offers when they are available.

Covering All the Bases

When you use Twitter to reach out to consumers, you should also be using other social media networks at the same time. There are widgets and apps that can be used to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts together, which work to save you time, expand your reach and get the word out to your followers and fans even faster.

Here are some social media marketing do’s and don’ts:

  • DO use social media as a communicative and interactive tool.
  • DON’T use a hard-sell approach in your tweets to your followers.
  • DON’T alienate your readers: the goal is to increase and retain followers.
  • DO everything you can to convert followers to customers, leading them always to your website and showcase of products or services.

Social networking should be used as a way to open up the lines of communication between business owners or marketers and customers. If you can remember that and approach each post from that point of view, you will increase followers and create a positive environment for your followers that they will enjoy using and reading. These are the basic building blocks of successful social marketing.

Build a Strong Community

It is important to start your Twitter experience on the right foot with a solid, well-designed account page. Social media is a great way to increase awareness of your brand, associate your company name with popular products and build your customer base. Boston Website Design combines our years of experience in traditional marketing with all of the unique nuances associated with social media marketing to establish our clients strategically within the social community.

Give us a call today for more information on how Boston Website Design can get you started in the world of social media marketing. You can reach us by phone at 508-415-8648, via email or by using our online contact form.