Google AdWords Campaigns

One of the best ways to target your customers is to create a custom Google AdWords campaign. Users can be targeted through the use of strategically-selected keywords and key phrases, bringing local customers to your front door and global customers to your online store. The developers and marketers at Boston Website Design can help you build a well-planned campaign that will boost traffic and increase sales.

The Power of Google

Google AdWords is what is known as a Pay-Per-Click or PPC ad program. It utilizes the Google network of tools and data, giving you access to a global audience within minutes. Some of the bonus features and tools associated with Google AdWords include:

  • A keyword tool to help fine-tune word and phrase selection.
  • A placement tool to identify strategic placement opportunities for ads.
  • An integrated comprehensive statistics tool that works to evaluate traffic, keywords and PPC ad effectiveness.
  • An effective A/B testing tool which can be used to increase results.

Well-Designed from Start to Finish

A successful Google AdWords campaign is artfully crafted from beginning to end. Boston Website Design employs proven strategies and techniques that will help you maximize the potential of each ad placed within the Google network. Our experienced marketers and developers will help you create an account, write an ad and choose a budget.

Boston Website Design takes care of all the details so we can help our clients get a strong start with Google AdWords. We research the top-producing keywords for your specific market and audience so we can craft the best ad and overall marketing campaign for your business.

Launch your new Google AdWords campaign today – call Boston Website Design at 508-415-8648 for more information or to get a free consultation. In addition to PPC advertising, we can help you establish a well-rounded marketing campaign that will get results. Email us or use our handy online contact form and we’ll get you the information you need to get started right away.